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Loans For everyone who wants to fulfill their dreams quickly and get their money quickly – loan amounts from 80,000 to CHF 450,000.


Online express credit with immediate payment:

Quick money

In order to get the money quickly and without waiting 14 days, you should now apply for a loan of CHF 80,000 online.

Additional credit

Do you already have 70,000 open loans (with us or another bank) and do you need an  additional CHF  10,000? Apply  for a quick loan now and you will receive your desired amount quickly and easily.

Apply for credit now

Loans: from 80’000.- to CHF 450’000.- Term 36 to 120 months Loan interest from 2.9% to 4.9%

Is it possible to get an  express loan online  ?

Schnellkredit Schweiz
Sometimes you need money fast. But not everyone gets a loan quickly.
Here we inform you how to get a loan quickly and not wait up to 2 weeks for the money:

Only large loans can be paid out quickly

As shown above, the total loan amount for a quick loan must be over CHF 80,000.
sofortkredit schweiz

Example credit calculation:

  • Loan amount: CHF 10,000
  • Term: 12 months
  • The interest (total costs) is between CHF 187.60 and CHF 523.30
  • Effective Interest Rate 2.9% – 4.9%
  • Possible loan terms of 12 – 120 months
  • Processing fees: CHF 0.-

Express loan comparison ➤ apply immediately

Don’t waste time because time is precious, the faster you apply, the faster you will get the money. Therefore, apply for a personal or self-employed loan immediately and benefit from our speed.

frequently asked Questions


How can I get money within 24 hours?
Apply for express credit:
  • Fill the form.
  • Submit the required documents immediately after completing the form.
How do I get money right now?
You can get instant credit with a credit card (express credit). If you apply for a loan from us, you will receive a free credit card from us.
What is an express loan?
After you have applied for a loan of CHF 80,000 and your loan application has been approved, you will receive the money within 1-3 days or on the same day.
Where do you definitely get a loan?
With us you can safely get a loan .
Is the express loan granted without a credit check?

There is no express loan without a credit check

The creditworthiness of the customer is checked for each loan application.
Only if you get money from a friend (private express loan provider you know) or family member, there is a possibility to get an express loan without control.
Why is the intended use relevant for an express loan?
The purpose of use influences the credit conditions as well as the investment made (e.g. a holiday home or a car) serves as security for the bank.
Rate Protection
Even with large loans, you can secure your loan
In cases: unemployment through no fault of your own or inability to work
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