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Loans: from 1’000.- to CHF 450’000.- Term 12 to 120 months Loan interest of 2.9% (loans from CHF 30,000.-) and up to 4.9%

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With our loan calculator, you can quickly calculate your personal loan and compare loans online here in Switzerland.
Do you have outstanding loans and would you like a new small loan or a car loan?
We can quickly redeem your existing credit and you will receive the additional desired amount back into your account.

Take out an auto loan

You want to buy a car and you know that buying a car with a car loan is better than leasing it. Then do not waste time, apply here and you will get the best offer!
Would you like to insure your car cheaply and well? With our partner for car insurance Switzerland you are better insured without supervision.

Now the question is:

How much credit can I get?
Apply for credit online now (e.g. 50,000- more or less) and you will quickly receive a response from us and be informed of how much you can get.

frequently asked Questions

What is a loan?
Credit is the ability to borrow money or access goods or services with the understanding that you will pay later.
How much credit do I get?
That depends on your financial budget.
What do you pay for a loan?

You don’t pay any processing fees with us.

You only pay the interest on the debt.

What are the requirements for a loan?
Applicant must be a minimum age of 18 years. Minimum income must be CHF 2400.-. Applicant  should be either employed or self-employed. The applicant is Swiss or must have a B, C, G residence permit.
What documents are required for a loan application?
Copy of ID and 3 most recent payslip copies.
How fast can I get the money with the online loan?
According to the KKG law, the waiting period has been 14 days since 2016. However, this does not apply to all credit models. For open loans, for example CHF 50,000 and you would like another CHF 30,000 in new credit, the loan will be paid out within 1-2 days .