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Do you need money? The easy way to cash.

With a loan: personal loan, cash loan, online loan, you can quickly fulfill your wishes. Or you can increase your financial budget. Easy way to get money.

Private credit

We enable you to get a quick loan from CHF 3000.- to CHF 450.000.-
Apply now for credit and get a decision within the hour.
Favorable interest rates, top up or replace credit
Increase or redeem credit with us – you will certainly receive favorable interest rates even on existing loans! Apply now and benefit from low interest rates.
Private credit

Credit for private individuals

Private loans (personal credit) means the same credit for private individuals. Private customers are usually dependent employees or private individuals who do not run a business.
take out a cash loan
Do you have ideas and need money fast? With the cash loan, we enable you to realize your ideas.

How does a cash advance work?

Calculate cash credit online – fill out your credit application and send it off – receive a decision online. If you agree to the loan agreement  –  the payment will be made in cash at a bank branch near you, where you are, or by bank transfer to your bank account!
What are the typical cash advances?
Typical cash loans are, for example, real estate loans or credit for opening a new company!
When does a cash advance make sense?
A loan always makes sense if it is well thought out and not forced by the situation. That sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth. Do you really need the loan? You also need to determine the amount of credit you need.

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Calculation example

Loan Amount:
CHF 10,000 .00
    Term: 12 months
  • Effective Interest Rate 2.9% – 4.9%
  • Processing fees: CHF 0.-
The interest (total costs) is between CHF 187.60 and CHF 523.30