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With a personal loan from Onlinekredit-Switzerland, you can quickly fulfill your wishes. or increase your financial budget.

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We enable you to get a quick loan from CHF 3’000.- to 80’000.- Or a quick loan from 80’000.- to 450’000.-

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The easy way to withdraw: fill out the online form and submit the documents online to get the money as soon as possible.

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Do you have any outstanding loans? No problem, you will get another loan from us! Or we can redeem your loan and you can benefit from low interest rates. Existing loans can be quickly replaced by us.
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Private credit

Private loans ( personal credit ) means the same credit for private individuals. Private customers are usually dependent employees or private individuals who do not run a business.

Bar credit

You have ideas and need fast money, we will help you with a cash loan. Cash payment in a bank branch near you or bank transfer!
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